We are manufacturer’s sales agents serving primarily the metals working industry of America. Our clients span across the broad spectrum of American Industry from large global OEM’s to small privately held firms. We sell to both manufacturers and metals distributors.

With help from our leading principles Kline Sales offer’s strong product concentration in Carbon Steel Welded Tubular goods. We also sell or have experience in tube fabrication processes, steel coil, metal stampings, iron castings, and coatings such as plated finishes, powder coat and E coating.


For over 25 years out of the Carolinas Kline Sales & Associates has had the fortune to serve many of the best manufacturing firms in this country! We have also had the chance to meet some great hard working and devout Americans in the manufacturing and related communities. For this we are truly grateful!

It is our mission to continue to adapt and innovate to bring our customers ongoing quality product solutions and value.

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-Ray Kline