About Kline Sales & Associates, Inc.


Kline Sales & Associates, Inc. was founded in November 1989 as a manufacturer’s sales  organization marketing select raw materials to manufacturing in the Southeast, USA markets.


Over 35 years of experience in sales and marketing to the industrial sector of America.  Large technical experience with carbon steel tubular products, tube fabrication processing, steel coil, stampings, castings and industrial coatings such as plating finishes, e coat and powder coatings.


Our primary marketing efforts are concentrated in the southeastern states – Virginia, North & South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.


Customer Profile

Our current customer profile consists mostly of OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) as well as metals distributors and service organizations.  Customers range in size from large Fortune 500 accounts to small privately owned companies.

Product segments of this customer base have included Lawn & Garden, Housewares, Juvenile Furniture, Sporting Goods, Heavy Construction, Automotive, Appliance, Heavy Equipment, Agricultural, Mining and various other consumer and industrial end use applications.  We also service markets such as Metals Distributors and Metals Fabricators.